Pay and file

If you are self-employed, or a company owner-director, you must (s 950):

(a) pay preliminary tax (s 952) on or before the preliminary tax date, i.e., 31 October in the tax year (s 958(2)), and

(b) file an income tax return on or before the return filing date, i.e., 31 October following the tax year to which the return relates (s 951).

Therefore, you must:

(a) pay the preliminary tax for the tax year 2013, and

(b) file the tax return for the tax year 2012,

on or before the pay and file date, i.e. 31 October 2013.

Computational error

If you file your return and pay your tax before the return filing date, but a computational error results in an underpayment of tax of not more than 5% of the tax liability, the shortfall may be paid by the following 31 December provided it does not exceed the greater of:

(a) €3,175, or 5% of the tax payable for the year, whichever is lower, and

(b) €635.

Insufficient preliminary tax

Interest applies from the preliminary tax date if the preliminary tax payment amounts to less than:

(a) 90% of the ultimate liability for the period,

(b) 100% of the liability for the preceding period, or

(c) where tax is paid through direct debit instalments, 105% of the liability for the pre-preceding period.


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