Pay-related social insurance (PRSI) is levied at the following rates.


4%: Earnings above €352 per week.

Exempt: Earnings up to €352 per week.

Employer PRSI

4.25%: Earnings up to €356 per week.

10.75%: Earnings above €356 per week.

Self-employed PRSI

4%: All earnings. The minimum contribution is €500 per year.

Universal social charge

2%: The first €10,036 of earnings.

4%: The next €5,980 of earnings. The 4% rate also applies if the earner is aged 70 or over or is a medical card holder with income less than €60,000.

7%: The next €83,984 of earnings.

7%: Remainder. The rate is 10% in respect of non-employment income in excess of €100,000 (reduced to 7% if the earner is aged 70 or over).

A 5% USC charge applies to income sheltered by area-based property incentives (accelerated capital allowances and “section 23” reliefs).