Third Level Grants are available from Local Authorities for full-time courses. To qualify for a full grant and no registration fee your parent’s gross income in the previous year must be under €41,110 (up to 3 children).Above that there is partial entitlement up to €47,205. The Registration fee will be €2,000 in 2011 and €200for PLC Course. Where parents’ income is under €51,380, this fee is not payable. A second student at third level adds about €4,000 to these limits. The grant is worth €3,285 (living over 45km from College), €1,315 (adjacent). The Colleges also have access to a Student Assistance Fund for students in need of support and students with disabilities.

Between age 18 and 25, a single person living at home who has left school can apply for Jobseeker’s Allowance, but will be assessed with 34% of their parents’ disposable income (after deduction of tax, PRSI, superannuation, mortgage/rent, Health Insurance, Union Fees and €600 couple (€470 single parent) and €30 per child). Once you qualify for any payment, a minimum €40.00 per week is paid. For new claimants if you are under 22, payment is capped at €100 and under 25 at €144 per week, unless you are in training, on Back to Education Allowance or coming off Job Seeker’s Benefit.