The main exemptions from CGT are:

(a) Annual exemption. The first €1,270 of gains for a tax year is exempt (s 601).

(b) Disposals of property acquired between 7 December 2011 and 31 December 2013, provided the property is held for more than seven years.

(c) Chattel exemption. If the proceeds from the disposal of a durable chattel (“tangible movable property” other than wasting assets) do not exceed €2,540, the gain is exempt (s 602).

(d) Gains on government and certain other securities (s 607).

(e) Gains realised by pension funds (s 608) and charities (s 609).

(f) Gains on the following are also exempt (s 613):

(i) installment savings scheme bonuses,

(ii) prize bond winnings,

(iii) compensation for damages or personal injury,

(iv) lottery and betting winnings, and

(v) a disposal of pension rights.

(g) Transfer of residential site from parent to child, provided the site is to construct the child’s principal private residence, and the site’s market value does not exceed €500,000 (s 603A).